Find Your Self-Care Method

Too often taking care of yourself ends up buried at the bottom of your pile of things to do.  But self-care supports your well-being and helps you accomplish what’s important.

When you hear the phrase “self-care,” you might think of facials and massages to pamper yourself.  These are certainly relaxing ways of caring for yourself.  Yet there are many other forms of self-care that are also very satisfying.

Think of self-care as doing positive things for yourself that make you feel good physically and/or emotionally.  Self-care is the equivalent of petting your cat.  What can you do for yourself so that you feel like purring?  Maybe things such as:

  • Finding a type of exercise you enjoy.
  • Learning to meditate and carving out time for daily practice.
  • Going to a favorite place and taking photos for the fun of it.
  • Giving yourself permission to buy an excellent article of clothing.
  • Taking yourself to a movie you really want to see.
  • Sharing time with a special friend you’ve been missing.
  • Taking a walk around a beautiful park.

Stop and ask yourself: “What kind of self-care is right for me?”  Then, just do it.

*Originally published  8/19/06 in The Kansas City Star “FYI Solutions” Section, “An Authentic Life” Column as a series of articles contributed by Kansas City life coach Lorrie Crystal Eigles. Eigles provided monthly insights, tactics, and encouragement to help readers realize their potential and lead more rewarding lives.