A Token of Your Esteem

My “office away from my home office” is a coffee shop where they give a piece of chocolate with each purchased drink.

Three years ago I began to bring these pieces of chocolate home and put them in my husband’s candy jar, telling him I’d just given him a “token of love.”  He was thrilled.  This memento was no small thing coming from me, a devoted chocoholic, and he knew it.

Giving tokens of love can be powerful.  They can be anything—tangible, like a piece of chocolate, or intangible, like giving a loved one a much need compliment after a stressful day.  The point is that a “token of love” expresses love and appreciation.  It is given without ulterior motive and is unexpected to the person receiving it.

You may discover you have been giving tokens of love without realizing it.  Or you may want to begin.  What will it be today?

*Originally published  12/23/06 in The Kansas City Star “FYI Solutions” Section, “An Authentic Life” Column as a series of articles contributed by Kansas City life coach Lorrie Crystal Eigles. Eigles provided monthly insights, tactics, and encouragement to help readers realize their potential and lead more rewarding lives.