Let Your Creativity Shine

“Creative?  Who, Me?!”  That’s the reaction many people have when asked if they’re creative.

Everyone is creative in different ways and to varying degrees.  One style of creativity is when people have innovative ideas, make new discoveries, create products and services and have a unique perspective of seeing and doing things.  The other style is when people like to work within existing parameters with current systems, products and services and look for ways to make them better.  Their creativity is practical and focused on direct application.

Being artistic through painting, music, writing or acting is but one of the many forms of creativity.  Creativity is found among people in every field including teaching, marketing, scientific research and engineering.  When being creative, people report feeling joy, satisfaction, relaxation and losing track of time.  Creativity is an essential part of life and who we are.  Are you taking time to let yourself be creative?  Say, “Yes!” and let your creativity shine.

*Originally published  1/31/07 in The Kansas City Star “FYI Solutions” Section, “An Authentic Life” Column as a series of articles contributed by Kansas City life coach Lorrie Crystal Eigles. Eigles provided monthly insights, tactics, and encouragement to help readers realize their potential and lead more rewarding lives.