Celebrating Who We Are

Recently as a friend and I were walking and talking in the early morning, we discussed what our dreams and goals have been. I admitted that for many years I’ve grappled with the message in our culture to “dream big”, “have long-term goals”, “make a huge difference in the world”. That hasn’t been my path. In traditional terms I have not been a very competitive person nor ambitious.

When I really wanted something I noticed that I got it. I wanted to find a very special, loving man to marry and be my life partner. We are happily celebrating 30 years of marriage. I wanted to live in a space that was old, had character and big windows with great light. When I first met the man who could become my husband and saw his house I realized that it fit my picture of the home I wanted. Twelve years ago I wanted a sleek design car that was either cherry red or a beautiful yellow. I found a cherry red Toyota Solara. I wanted to do work that made a difference in peoples lives. I’ve been a life coach for many years and have the privilege to do just that.

When I look at the things I’ve deeply wanted, I see that, in the whole scope of things, there weren’t that many and they were extremely personal. In retrospect, it looks like my life unfolded easily and perfectly. In actuality, I struggled for most of my life with uncertainty, fear and fogginess about what I truly wanted and whether I’d ever find it. It was not an easy path. My great interest in personal development and growth resulted in my deep self-knowledge and wisdom. That in turn, has been wonderfully useful in my life coaching work.

My friend talked about her dreams and goals and how competitive and type-A she was. She’s “a mover and a shaker” in the world. I’m a “thinking partner” and a “guide” in people’s lives. In the past I would have envied my friend and the larger stage on which she plays. Now I find myself appreciating and valuing our differences. I feel pleased about the shift in my perspective. I’m also happy that my confidence and self-esteem have greatly increased.

While I still have moments of self-doubt and compare myself with others, overall my life journey and focus on personal development have brought me to a place where I’m happy with who I am and what I contribute.

When you consider your life and where you are in your journey, how do you feel about yourself? How pleased are you about who you are? What have you contributed at work, to your family, friends, community or larger world? How do you want your future to look? These are questions well worth thinking about. It’s time to appreciate who we are and to do more of what we dream about! If not now, when?

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