What is the alchemy that occurs between a client and a coach?

“THANK YOU for all your help.  Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am and thankful that you were able to help me on my next journey of life.”  When coaches receive comments such as this from clients, it reminds us why we love being coaches and how powerful the guidance we provide can be.

The client above recently “graduated” when we completed our coaching.  We were debriefing about how lost she’d felt when we began our coaching process.  As a practical, action-oriented person, she hated not knowing what her next step would be.  She said if she knew where she was headed, she would be off and running!  That’s definitely true of most people.  The uncertainty was quite upsetting to her.  Since 99% of my clients have never coached before and seldom know anyone who has, deciding to work with a coach is a big step into the unknown.  Understandably, clients are usually apprehensive.  I tell them that I admire their courage in trusting their sense that coaching is right for them and that they are ready for it.  And then we begin.

She acknowledged how through inventories, written exercises, thought-provoking questions and valuable listening and discussion, she’d gradually clarified what her direction was.  It was challenging for her to deal with the vagueness of the process and the time it took.  Impatience often rears its head during the coaching process.  Finally, the puzzle pieces started falling into place to give her a clear picture of what she wanted next.  The client felt relieved and excited about moving forward in her life.

At difficult times in our lives, we can benefit from a caring, objective thinking partner to provide guidance, reflection and ideas.  Sometimes that person will be an understanding friend, a sensitive relative, a clergy person, a therapist or a coach.  Partly it will depend on the type of assistance we need.  The important thing is to know and admit when we need help and then to reach out for it.  Sometimes reaching out can be the hardest action to take.  Being open to receiving guidance and assistance when we most need it is key.

Is now a time when you are dealing with one or more challenges and would appreciate some support?  It may be time to be brave, take a deep breath and ask for help.  When we find the right person to help us, the Alchemy begins!

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