A Vibrant Life!

Sitting at an outside café in Spain, my husband and I watched the local people and other tourists flowing past.  Soon a boisterous group of British seniors sat at a table next to us. We quickly learned that they were part of an international organization called the “University of Third Age”.  Intrigued, we found that it provides a wide range of learning experiences for participants, including travel.  Coming from many backgrounds and professions, all were now retired.  While some used canes and helped each other, their determination and curiosity kept them active and exploring different cultures.  Our discussion with them was humorous, enjoyable and inspiring.

Before our trip I had been feeling a bit stagnant.  Travel was certainly shaking me out of my comfortable rut; opening my eyes to new places, art and people (the magnificent Alhambra, Picasso’s heartbreaking “Guernica”).  It was good to be stretching and continuing to grow.  As a result of visiting the artist Joan Miro’s museum and having seen the scope of his art and creative development, I’m interested in learning more about him.

The whole travel experience has made me appreciate the wonderful people, art and ancient architecture we saw.  No matter how many times I’d seen pictures or videos, there’s nothing like seeing the real thing.  The visceral impact, the size, textures, colors and living history were so impressive.  It’s also stimulating to see how people live their lives in different cultures and how things are done in other ways.  I didn’t expect to pay for small bottles of water each and every time I wanted water with a meal.  At home I now really appreciate having servers refill my glass endlessly without charge.  On the other hand, it was delightful for Spanish servers to never come to the table with the check until we asked for it.  Knowing that we could sit in a restaurant, talk and enjoy the beautiful day for hours without feeling pressured to leave was a new experience!

When we came home, over stimulated by the loud, emphatic talking and dense population, I found myself better appreciating my calm and quiet life.  Stepping away from my every day activities gave me a fresh perspective.  I came home loving the life coaching I provide even more and wanting to explore more of the sights in our city that I haven’t yet seen.

Travel has definitely motivated me to learn more, stretch more and experience more in a variety of ways.  My clients, of all ages, have told me how traveling to new places, locally (the Kansas prairie), nationally and internationally, enhances their perspective about their own lives and work.   Looking at our own towns and cities with “fresh eyes” when having a “stay-cation” and visiting local sights can also be worthwhile and enjoyable.

What are the ways in which you keep yourself feeling alive and vital in life?  Travel is but one way to do it. What other things might you do (or stop doing) to better give yourself the life that you love at this stage of your life?

I encourage you to consider these questions and take your next (even baby) steps!

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