The Heat of Beauty

Heat.  Heat is energy.  There are many forms of energy, both deadening and enlivening.

Domestic violence, wars, murders, hatred, hunger are all ‘horrors of the world’.  They create the heat of devastation.  Fire can destroy a building yet also keep us comfortably warm in our homes.  When we’re caught up in the heat of destruction that fills so many hearts, we lose touch with our humanity, our ability to care about other people, especially those who are “different” from us.  We are filled with hatred and fear and sometimes act on that fear by hurting others physically, verbally or mentally.

My art is meant to generate the opposite reaction.  It is colorful, with flowing images that are intriguing and complex.  The reactions that I get from people who resonate with them are “They’re beautiful and I get lost in them.”  “I feel so joyful!”  “When I feel depressed, I look at your art and it lifts my spirits.”  A friend with a challenging illness wrote about my art that “I have the capacity of getting lost in their intricacy—and that’s a real gift.  Helps to calm my anxiety.”

My intention is to bring the heat of positive feelings to people’s lives, to awaken their joy for life.  We deal with so many difficult burdens that I love to help people feel better and shift into positive feelings when they interact with my art.  When we touch the beauty within us, the humanity, we touch a great source of power.  The heat of beauty is very powerful.  I want my art to remind people of the beauty within themselves and in the world around them.

When we experience the heat of beauty, the positive energy of it, we feel enlivened, empowered and filled with hope and a sense of possibility.  It helps us move forward in our lives to accomplish what we most desire.  With so many people beaten down by illness, lack of money or other circumstances, we need the heat of beauty in many forms to help us keep going.

My art is a reflection of my true voice.  It is important that we are in touch with our voices, that we speak our truth.  And an aspect of my truth is that beauty is empowering and comes through in the art that I create.

When thinking about your self, how are you bringing beauty and positive energy into the world?  Is it through your writing, singing, speaking to groups, great skiing, playing with animals, woodworking, your kindness to other people?  There are many ways of sharing the heat of beauty.  What is your unique approach?

I encourage your to clarify one or more ways in which you experience and share the heat of beauty.

Then share some more!

If you’d like guidance in exploring the beauty you share, let’s talk.

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