The Magic of Music

“…I did it my way.”

When I first heard these words in the song “My Way” sung by Frank Sinatra, I strongly connected with them.  They have become a reminder of how I’ve continued to live my life.  The words represent the decisions, large and small, that I’ve made to live as authentically as possible.  These decisions have included resigning from two jobs that were bad matches for me without having another job or knowing what was next, which was very scary.  Yet each time it freed me to find or create opportunities that were so much better!

“You can’t hurry love, no, you just have to wait.  You got to trust, give it time no matter how long it takes…”

are the words from The Supremes’ song “You Can’t Hurry Love” that became my mantra as a teenager and young adult as I went through the heartrending process of dating.  I hoped I would find the love of my life, was afraid I never would, and I sang these lyrics to myself to remind myself not to give up.  I’m glad I kept looking until I found my wonderful husband.

For me in the previous situations, music served to encourage me during difficult times.  Human beings have made music for many millenia. Music comes in innumerable forms and sounds from the many cultures around the world.  Music is an important and innate part of who we are.  It can affect us in unexpectedly touching ways.

“It saved my life!” one of my coaching clients exclaimed.  “What did?” I responded in confusion since we’d been talking about how to improve his exercise habits.  “Music.  I was in a deep depression and nothing seemed to be bring me out of it.”  He went on to describe that during this period of great darkness, he happened to find his old guitar in the back of a closet.  Taking it out and starting to strum the strings, he remembered what joy it used to bring him.  Continuing over time, he felt the music start to lift his spirits.  In combination with his therapy and medication, music had a deeply healing effect for him.

There are many ways that people use music in their lives.  It can range from being pure fun to being profound.  Some additional reasons that people have music in their lives are:

  • Personal Expression — whether listening or creating music, it is a unique language that expresses thoughts and feelings that often we don’t know how to share in any other way
  • Energize — when we’re tired or when we’re exercising, we often listen to music to renew our energy or to keep ourselves moving
  • Calming — when we’re stressed, listening to music can relax us and have a wonderfully restorative effect
  • Creativity — listening to music when we want to free our minds to come up with new ideas or we’re writing short stories or participating in other creative activities
  • Rallying — songs have been powerful forms of bringing people together to fight for causes and to keep them motivated during the difficult struggles

How will you let yourself be open to the power of music?  Will it be by rediscovering an earlier musical love as my client did?  Or will you bring more music into your life in other ways including downloading new music or by attending a concert?

Think about it.  The Magic of Music may be waiting for you!

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