About Lorrie

Lorrie Crystal Eigles—a warm, joyful, compassionate, humorous, creative, intuitive, committed, highly skilled life coach.

Professional Journey

When I was a young working woman in graduate school, a professor assigned a paper about how we would ideally use our masters degree in counseling when we graduated. I wanted to work with people who were intelligent, capable, motivated and wishing to have lives that they loved and I would guide them to reach their dreams! My professor gave my paper an A+ and I was excited about my vision. Unfortunately this type of work didn’t yet exist. So I put away my paper and continued my career. Recently, I found my college paper and was astounded to realize that I am now doing what I had described: I’m a life coach!

My entire career has been dedicated to helping people have happier, more fulfilling lives. I’m excited to have made a difference with clients for over 25 years. My winding career path has included being a government vocational education program administrator, university academic advisor, medical center volunteer coordinator, corporate trainer, career counselor, outplacement consultant and best of all—a life coach!

During my career, I had coaching and training positions in several organizations. Yet in 1998, even though I felt scared, I knew it was time to take the plunge and leave the corporate world to begin a new chapter in my life. I started my career coaching business, My Authentic Life Coaching, and found myself soaring!

It’s great being a thinking partner to a wide range of clients. As their coach, I’m fascinated by client discoveries of their talents, gifts and what “lights them up.” I find myself moved by the courage they demonstrate when, in a safe, confidential space they say aloud for the first time what they truly feel, think and want.

One of my proudest coaching moments was when a client said “In our coaching, I was able to make progress that I never thought possible!”

Authenticity is my top value and I love supporting people in learning to be true to themselves. Over the years I have found my own “voice” and even laugh differently, so that clients have said they wish they “could bottle my laughter!”

Whether coaching clients dealing with empty nests, approaching retirement, career changes or other life crossroads, I’m an experienced coach who is comfortable dealing with many different client situations.

I’m also an accomplished artist and many creative thinkers (who are not necessarily artistic), writers, artists and musicians choose me because they realize I understand them and provide a unique perspective that they want in coaching.

Personal Snapshot

I believe it is important as a coach to “walk my talk” and can honestly say that I’ve created a life I love!

My husband is the love of my life and my work brings me great happiness in helping others.

Sharing time with my husband, family and good friends, going to movies, theaters, traveling, reading, creating art, visiting museums and hiking on beautiful trails are all things I enjoy in my leisure time.

I continue to learn and grow, meet new people and have new experiences. This keeps my life very interesting for me and allows my new experiences to enhance my life and coaching.

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I’m committed to people having the lives they love. If you are interested in talking with me about our coaching together, click on Contact Lorrie.