Focus On The Positive To Find Happiness

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Happiness takes many forms, from the momentary excitement of the skier schussing down a mountain to the quiet satisfaction of a completed work project well done. Studies have shown that happy people are often healthier than people who report that they’re not particularly happy. In addition, it just feels good to be happy.

Some people have a tendency to focus on what they don’t have or what’s not working for them. By shifting their attention to what they do feel good about—what pleases them, what they’re grateful for—they can often increase their level of happiness.

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New, Better Habits Require Commitment


Why is it so easy to identify changes we want to make yet so hard to actually make the changes? One answer may be learning the difference between a good idea and a commitment.

A good idea is something that we may read about in a magazine or online or see on television. We see slim, fit, attractive people on television using home fitness equipment, and we think “Hey! I ought to buy one of those so I can look like that.” It seems like a good idea yet we don’t actually put the idea into action and do it.

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Be An Activist for Your Life


Rewarding lives and careers require that we make decisions consistent with our deepest values. To do this you need to be an “activist” for your own life.

Usually, when we think of the word activist, we think of social or political activists who advocate for important causes like ending world hunger or ending military conflicts.

I have another definition. People who are activists for their own lives take action to live life in sync with their most cherished values. Only when we act on our own beliefs and are true to ourselves can we lead lives that are authentic and truly satisfying.

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