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My Authentic Life Coaching is my passion. It is the result of many years of my own personal growth from navigating life transitions in addition to learning from the journeys of my clients. This page will show you the intended results of My Authentic Life Coaching and explain the coaching process.

Coaching Purpose

I coach you when you’re at the point in life that you’re asking “What’s next?”
You are seeking guidance to live an authentic and rewarding life and are ready to take the necessary actions to transform your life.

The purpose of My Authentic Life Coaching is to motivate and guide you one on one to reach your desired dreams and goals. Coaching is customized to meet your unique needs.

Intended Results

The results that clients obtain are as varied as the people themselves and depend upon what they are committed to achieving.

    Results you may want are:
  • Discovering what you truly want: Most of us have learned to put others first and work hard to give these people what they want. Very seldom do we stop to ask what we want. In coaching, the spotlight is on you and I’m here to gently yet firmly ask you, “What do YOU want?” Whether health and fitness or enriched relationships, it can take patience on your part to uncover your desires and then take action to get what you want.
  • Creating whole life balance: When we’re putting in endless hours at work and home and feel very stressed in our lives, it becomes more necessary than ever to create a better balance for ourselves. You can learn that by making small changes in your life, meaningful and satisfying results occur. Identifying and implementing small changes can help you regain life balance.
  • Finding or creating work that you love: Many of us dislike the work that we do. We find ourselves thinking “Get me out of here!” without knowing what or where we want to go. I’ll be your thinking partner and help you clarify who you are, what you want and the steps to take to find or create work that you’re happy to get out of bed every morning to do.
  • Learning to trust and value yourself: Early in life, messages from family and other sources may cause us to lose touch with our personal values and to stop trusting our own intuitive guidance. Today, we’re overwhelmed by multimedia messages telling us what to buy, do and believe. With My Authentic Life Coaching, you’ll learn to follow your intuition to make decisions that are right for you.
  • Tapping into your creative passions: While we’re constantly dealing with the demands of everyday life, we often feel that we’re running on empty. We can reenergize by finding or reconnecting with creative outlets. Whether solving puzzles, designing gardens, woodworking, acting, playing the piano, painting or writing, I can help you identify the creative passions and interests that feed your soul.
  • Finding a sense of meaning and purpose: Many of us say that we want to “make a difference” but don’t know what that would be. When we’re busy yet have no real underlying reason for all the activity, we feel something essential is missing in our lives. If this is true for you, I’ll provide guidance so that you can discover or create a sense of purpose and direction in life.

Other results are:

  • Learning assertiveness and becoming an effective, more decisive person or leader in your community or family or at work.
  • Becoming more confident and courageous, trying new behaviors and living more powerfully.
  • (Re)discovering what brings you joy and carving out time to do it.
  • Clarifying your priorities, setting goals and applying personal management skills to become more organized and to successfully manage your career and life.

After reading the above list of what clients get from My Authentic Life Coaching, what results do YOU want?

Coaching Process

My Authentic Life Coaching is a three part process in which you: (1.) Clarify what you want in your life (2.) Design actions to make the desired changes happen (3.) Follow through step by step to create your chosen results.

  • We start with a free 1 hour phone call to discuss your particular situation, why you want coaching and what would be most helpful to you so that we may determine if we’re a good coaching team.
  • Once we’ve agreed that I will be your coach, you will complete a“Life Coaching Questionnaire” which gives you a chance to take an in-depth look at where you presently are in your personal and work life and where you want to be.
  • If you are in the Kansas City metropolitan area you can have your individual coaching sessions in person in my home office or by phone. You are welcome to e-mail messages to me between sessions.
  • If you are elsewhere in the United States, individual coaching sessions are by phone with e-mail support.
  • During each session we’ll debrief about what’s happening in your life, celebrate what you feel good about, and work through the agenda that you want for that meeting. Usually the agenda will be discussing the actions you had intended to take from the previous meeting.
  • As your thinking partner, I will brainstorm ideas with you when you’re stuck or exploring new possibilities. I will ask thought-provoking questions, provide resources and overall help you “stretch your thinking” and overcome barriers to reach your dreams and goals.
  • At the end of every session, I will ask you “What have you learned, confirmed or discovered?” Based on that, we’ll determine the actions you choose to take before the next session. Then we’ll schedule our next meeting.
  • I use written exercises, thought-provoking questions, personality and interest inventories, and other tools according to what you need and want.

Coaching Timeframe

Our coaching sessions are one hour in length unless you decide to have longer sessions. If you want to move through your coaching process with velocity, we meet weekly. If you want a more deliberate pace, we meet every other week.

Clients are often surprised by the important changes they create in a relatively short period of time. The coaching process can take anywhere from a few sessions to many months depending on the length of time it takes for you to reach your desired goals.

Many clients continue My Authentic Life Coaching after their initial goals and dreams have been achieved. They identify new areas in which they want effective support from me as their “thinking partner”.

You now know the My Authentic Life Coaching Purpose, Intended Results and Process. Sound good? Click on What Clients Say.

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“By having the opportunity to discuss with someone impartial what those (challenges) were and brainstorm ideas to overcome those obstacles and fears, I was able to make progress that had previously seemed impossible.”

—Susan, CEO, Non-Profit Agency