Is This You?

Do you want to clarify what you most deeply desire in your life and learn how to get it?

If your answer is “Yes,” My Authentic Life Coaching is here for you. If you don’t clearly know what you want or how to obtain it, My Authentic Life Coaching guides you through the process of creating the life and work that you love.

My clients come from a wide variety of fields. Many are self employed business owners, professionals, managers and executives in a range of industries. They are sharp and capable. What they all want are even more rewarding and meaningful lives.

If you wonder about My Authentic Life Coaching and whether it would help you, take a look at some of the situations my clients deal with. Does one or more apply to you?

  • You have a life that’s great in some areas while other areas need attention. You’re ready to put a “spotlight” on what has been pushed to the side.
  • You’re stuck in work that you don’t like or an organization that’s a bad match for you. You’re feeling drained and don’t see how to change the situation.
  • Your life is filled with “should” and “have to” instead of joy and satisfaction. You’re so busy doing what has to be done for others that you have no time for yourself.
  • You see that your work and family relationships are suffering from poor communication and you don’t know how to improve them.
  • You want to have a creative outlet but think you always have to be practical. While you know you need to feed your soul, it doesn’t look possible.
  • You’re always doing what other people tell you to do and not trusting your own instincts. You want to learn how to pay attention to your inner wisdom.

The My Authentic Life Coaching approach generates fresh perspectives and new possibilities using practical tools to reach your dreams and goals.

Clients Who Create The Best Results:

  • Are at crossroads in their lives or careers and committed to transforming their current situations.
  • Believe it’s possible to have lives and work they love.
  • Are motivated and determined to do the in-depth and challenging work to get their chosen results.
  • Are willing to invest their time, money and energy to get what they want.
  • Want to find their own answers with guidance from their coach.
  • Want to contribute their gifts and talents in a meaningful way to make a difference in their families, work organizations, communities or the world.

Now that you’ve seen the types of clients I coach, the kinds of situations they deal with and the characteristics needed to be most successful, click on About Lorrie to learn more.

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“Going in, what I knew was I needed a change in my life. I have certainly gotten that and more, and for that I am grateful.”

—Lynnette, Director of Programs, Non-Profit Agency