Lorrie’s Journey

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Shaped by Life

Lorrie's Education

Shaped. Yes. We are affected and shaped by all the people we interact with, the experiences we have, the places we live, work and travel. These all impact us to become the unique persons we are whether we completely like the results or not. If we don’t, we can take steps to change those aspects.

Having provided career coaching for a number of years, in 1990 I deeply wanted to find or create another type of work that would combine my strong coaching and training skills with my artistic and creative sensibilities. I had no idea what that would mean or look like professionally.

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How Can a Coach Help?

What does a life coach whose #1 value is authenticity has to say about about authentic coaching? Listen now!


Facing Life’s Challenges

Lorrie's career highlights

So there I was, clinging to the rock face with fingers in cracks, legs trembling, attached to ropes on belay. Screaming and cursing furiously at my Outward Bound leader to pull me up to the top, I was frozen with fear. My leader told me to calm down and reassured me that I could do it. Weeping, I kept telling her I couldn’t do it. She finally firmly said that she wasn’t going to pull me up and that I would have to climb to the top myself. “You know T’ai Chi, you have the balance and grace, Lorrie, and you can do it.” I looked down and saw my fellow Outward Bound buddies yelling their encouragement. I looked up and saw my leader. I was half way up and finally realized that no matter how much I wanted someone to help me or how much encouragement someone else gave me, no one was going to make this happen but me. Taking a deep breath, I slowly began climbing up again with shaky, tired legs. When I reached the top and threw one leg over and then the other, I pulled myself up. My leader grabbed and hugged me while

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How is Being Creative Part of an Authentic Life?

Do you want creativity to be part of your authentic life? Are you including it? Listen to Lorrie’s thoughts about combining the two!

The Word That Can’t Be Said!


My client’s daughter said in frustration, “Mom, why can’t you even SAY the word “Retire”? My client was at a loss for words. She felt very negative about “retirement” yet couldn’t explain her feelings to her daughter. She asked in our next coaching session to talk about this quandary; she just didn’t understand her confusion and resistance.

I had a number of thoughts about why she might be having a negative reaction to “retirement”. We discussed how the cultural stereotype is that people “retire from life” and move into ongoing leisure during their “golden years”. That’s what family, friends and co-workers expect us to do. They don’t seem to understand why someone might not want to leave work for the foggy unknown that could last 20—35+ years. Playing golf or gardening every day may work for a few people, but for most it’s not enough. No one wants to give up on life. Most people want to be involved in activities (paid or unpaid) that give them a sense of purpose. Yet finding a new sense of purpose can be daunting.

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Why Be Authentic?

You may wonder why it’s worth being authentic. Click to hear Lorrie and consider why you might want to be more authentic in your life and work!


Making A Difference Takes Many Forms

Lorrie's Affiliations

Did you watch TEDxKC in person this summer? Neither did I! However, I just watched a two hour television version of it on PBS and was blown away by the fascinating people who spoke on a wide range of topics about doing the unexpected and sometimes seemingly impossible. I was moved by the air flyer who wears a special flying suit (wing suit) with a parachute that he releases at some point after jumping off mountains or the Kansas City Liberty Memorial. He had had an awareness one day that it wasn’t about the special skills that he has, it’s about using the unique skills and doing something to help someone else. The viewers were asked, what skill(s) do you have (and we ALL have them) that you can use to help others? Hm-m, I found myself considering that.

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What is Authentic Living?

Do you know what it means to live authentically? Are you doing it? Click to hear Lorrie and decide if you are!

Shifting Gears – Designing A New Habit


An eye-opening episode with an upset employee had convinced my new client that it was time to change his behavior. He calmly explained how, as a manager in a small business, when employees didn’t do what he wanted that he would explode in frustration. He would quickly put it behind him and not think about it again, while his employees were left walking on egg shells, afraid to upset him.

We talked about how this had been his behavior for many years. He admitted how it had served him well to get what he wanted but that it was no longer how he wanted to act. He wondered if it was possible for him to change. I discussed how instead of considering it a “personality flaw” to think of it as an old habit that could be replaced by a new habit. That perspective caught his interest and we moved forward with it.

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