My Coaching Style

“What’s it like to do My Authentic Life Coaching with Lorrie Crystal Eigles?”

This page will answer many of your questions. I’ll share my guiding beliefs and what makes me different from other life coaches.

My Guiding Beliefs

I have some deeply held beliefs that influence how I coach clients. These include:

  • Every person has unique qualities, talents and abilities that they either haven’t discovered or believe they can’t use in their “real” lives. Clients can break through this limiting belief to live their cherished dreams.
  • Living authentically and being true to yourself is extremely empowering. I’m committed to people “taking the lid off “ and filling in the blank “What I want is…” to identify and live exciting new possibilities.
  • Small steps can result in significant changes. I support clients in finding the courage to take those first steps and staying motivated through the ups and downs of following through.
  • People can answer their own questions and come up with their own solutions with encouragement and guidance.

With so many Life Coaches available, what makes Lorrie unique?

My highly personalized, holistic approach to coaching comes from over 25 years of experience coaching thousands of clients through many challenging life and career crossroads. I have been in helping professions my entire career and am committed to on-going client growth and transformation.

Many of my clients have shared what they most value about my coaching and personality:

  • I have a relaxed, highly individualized, creative coaching style that helps them see fresh perspectives and inspires their own new ideas.
  • I’m an accomplished artist and have a special appreciation and understanding for their creative thought process (even if they’re not artists).
  • I guide all clients to come up with their own answers.
  • I’m warm, compassionate, calm and grounded while also being enthusiastic.
  • We celebrate things from their lives in every session.
  • I’m sensitive, intuitive and I coach clients in a manner that works best for them.
  • I provide minimal structure along with a lot of flexibility in our coaching sessions.
  • I’m open-minded, respectful and I honor the whole person.
  • I have a great laugh and sense of humor!

I’ve been acknowledged by other coaches for my “depth of knowledge and experience” and for being “one of the best coaches out there.” As a result, over 90% of my clients are referred by current or former clients, colleagues, friends and other coaches and counselors.

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“Coach Lorrie's unique combination of listening skills, soul searching exercises and follow-through (along with a great sense of humor) kept me focused and allowed me to crystalize a professional vision for my new career as a Financial Advisor.”

—Rich, Financial Planner (former Corporate CEO)