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Lorrie's professional resourceI have gained so much from this experience that I can’t think of any way it could have been more useful. Because of the freedom of this experience I have given myself permission to relax, mentally, emotionally and physically and enjoy relaxing! I have learned to focus on my WANTS and not worry about the SHOULDS and I can recognize the difference. Going in, what I knew was I needed a change in my life. I have certainly gotten that and more and for this I am grateful.”

—Lynnette, Director of Programs, Non-profit agency

Lorrie's Affiliations“After 13 years in management, I decided a career change was in order. Coach Lorrie’s unique combination of listening skills, soul-searching exercises and follow-through (along with a great sense of humor) kept me focused and allowed me to crystallize a professional vision for my new career as a Financial Advisor. She also helped me build the confidence necessary to succeed—culminating with the New Advisor of the Year award at my firm. My transition would have been a rocky ride without her.”

—Rich, Financial Planner (former corporate CFO)

Lorrie's Education“When I first came to Lorrie, I was stuck, and I needed dedicated and expert help to sort out my too-busy life, and to help me to focus my energies, in order to figure out a plan for moving forward into the life I want to live. Lorrie helped me do exactly that. She helped me see that I was making progress, and to congratulate myself on a regular basis, instead of berating myself for not being further along. Lorrie is warm and kind and accessible. As a direct result of working with Lorrie, my cartoon—the publishing of which is my ultimate career goal—has taken actual shape and is becoming a reality, and it is exciting to see. Thank you, Lorrie for all of your attention and wonderful help!”

—Carole, Graphic Designer/Cartoonist

Lorrie's career highlights“You served as an outside sounding board. You coached me to sift through the facts and opinions of a situation and helped me to move out of the mire and into action. I am healthier than I have ever been through a combination of successful weight management, regular exercise program and developing a healthy attitude/perspective.”

—Karen, Executive Director, Non-profit agency

Transitions“I have confirmed that my passions (writing, teaching) should be pursued professionally as well as personally, and that pursuing other paths should be done thoughtfully. I am more focused on ways to pursue my passions within the framework while looking forward to a future where I can pursue them more fully. Lorrie was consistently upbeat, which contrasts nicely with my own style. Good listener, but also offered useful feedback and challenges.”

—Robert, MD, Medical center


“Coaching has helped me learn the importance of appreciating and valuing what I have, where I am, who I love and how I give and receive that love. I have found that I can appreciate and value my present, I am happier and it is easier to dream and prepare for my future and what it may bring.”

—Lynn, Trainer

Lorrie's professional resource“During the course of our meeting together, I discussed with you many personal challenges that had been creating roadblocks for many years that affected my health and wellbeing. By having the opportunity to discuss with someone impartial what those were and brainstorm ideas to overcome those obstacles and fears, I was able to make progress that had previously seemed impossible. This resulted in my feeling empowered that I could make changes in my life.”

—Susan, CEO, Non-profit

Lorrie's Affiliations

“Lorrie did an incredible job helping me maintain a consistent focus on what ‘I wanted’ in my career rather than what I believed were stumbling blocks. Lorrie’s coaching prepared me for my latest successful job search. I’m working again at a large, progressive university and pursuing a second Masters degree in a new and exciting field.”

—Gale, Public Affairs Expert, Public university

Lorrie's Education“Among the results that we achieved are: Coached me through the decision of whether to start a business or work for a company; refocused my interaction with my spouse and children, and coached me to develop goals for family, company and myself including assessing the progress towards each goal. Over the last five years with Lorrie as my coach, I achieved most, if not all, of my business and family goals.

—Jackson, Small Business Owner (former corporate sales executive)

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